We started entrustIT in 2006, after our founders decided that 25 years in the UK financial services sector was probably long enough. We’d been working in large organizations delivering IT to thousands of people all over the UK. On our way to learning how to deliver enterprise IT at that sort of scale we made every mistake imaginable (and a few you can’t).

Finally encouraged to continue our education elsewhere, we imagined how different it could be for smaller organizations if they had access to the same sort of technology platforms and technical experience as the really big players.

We looked at what we’d been doing for our ex-employer and realized that it could be improved, so we went away for 6 months and built something new. Something designed from the ground up to be shareable, scalable and as secure as possible.

We thought it was pretty good and that people would buy it… we just needed a plan and a nifty name to get us started.

It was at this point that we realised that we were a lot better at the technical stuff than the clever marketing bit.

After a lot of truly terrible options were discarded we hit upon a name that we felt described our service and our ethos. entrustIT, because as we like to say, trust has always been the heart of our business.

We weren’t yet a cloud business, because the cloud didn’t exist but we were doing all the things that people would come to expect from cloud: self-service provisioning, usage based billing, auto-scaling, multi-tenancy, disaster recovery, failover.

At first it was a hard sell, potential customers couldn’t see how it could work, what was different about it, or why it was better than “doing it yourself”. But, a few brave souls were willing to dip their toes in the water & they helped to get us started. We’re proud to say that almost all of the customers we acquired in the first two years are still with us .. 12 years on.

We’re not a perfect organization, because nobody is, but we do remember that every month our customers get a visible reminder of our relationship when their bill arrives. That reminder ensures we constantly seek to improve because every month they have a choice.. us, or someone else.

Over the past 12 years, 97% of them have continued to choose us.


Over the past 12 years


of customers have continued to choose us


Thanks guys.

In pursuit of excellence, we gained ISO certifications in quality (9001) and security (27001); we were accredited against the Cloud Industry Forum code of conduct; and nominated for many awards.

But we’ve never lost sight of our customers and our responsibility to do our best for them.

In 2012, we decided to dip our toes into the North American market and opened up an office in Boston, MA. From here, we are able to bring our enterprise grade IT environment all the way from the UK to the USA and Canada – and the rest is history!